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For the first time in the new year BOVA network rectors meets in Jelgava

Image author: No LLU arhīva

On the 12th of January at LLU Jelgava palace for the first time in the New Year, BOVA university network rectors met to discuss the achievements of the past year, to coordinate action plan for 2017, approve new courses and activities budget.

LLU Rector Irina Pilvere hosted Alexander Stulginska university rector Antanas Maziliauskas, Estonian University of Life Sciences Rector Mait Klaassen and Lithuanian University of Health Veterinary Academy Rector Henrikas Žilinskasa at the Jelgava Palace. The meeting was attended also by BOVA network Secretary Jurgita Beļicke and LLU BOVA network coordinator Daiga Unferihta.

As acknowledged by those who were present, last year has been active because of variety of activities carried out. In 2016 BOVA network implemented 8 intensive master's courses, involving a total of 119 students. Veterinary Academy colleagues pursued one course, A. Stulginska University and Latvia University of Agriculture - each of two courses, but the Estonian colleagues - three courses. A joint master's program "Agri-Food Business Management" was launched. In addition, in October BOVA network celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Rectors also discussed current issues in higher education in the Baltic countries and concluded that university reform is planned not only in Latvia, but also in Lithuania, which is planned to optimize the number of higher education institutions to 5. The new reorganization is not expected to take part in any of BOVA network universities, as these universities have already made various changes and will continue to work in the future as an independent institution.

During the meeting, the rectors agreed on the approval of 5 BOVA courses for the year 2017 and 4 course implementation in 2018. As there have already been approved six courses, this year students (Master and Doctoral students) as a whole will be able to gain additional knowledge in 11 courses which will be held in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia. To those who are interested it is advised to follow the information in BOVA website or contact the coordinator of LLU (

Submitted on: 12/01/2017