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Singing and musically active youngsters – respond! Students folk festival is approaching

Image author: No LLU arhīva

For the 28th time at the Latvian University of Agriculture (LLU) a Student folk festival will take place on February 22. All students from all Latvian universities are invited to apply as well as youngsters from Jelgava schools. The motto of the festival this year also stays the same - "We are not professionals, but we play music from the heart!"

Student folk festival gives a chance to everyone - poets and musicians - who have already at stepped on the stage, but it is also a special invitation to those who usually performs, sings or reads poetry only with their friends or even alone. It is possible that once received rejection or careless expression of an elephant who has "ascended on the ears", has led to uncertainty and fear of performing. But the cozy LLU Aula and the infinite fan support will let stage, light and sound become allies with any member or group.

All talented and courageous young people who are willing to please themselves and others with a variety of verbal, musical, instrumental or vocal expressions are invited to take part in the festival. Participants will have the opportunity to perform on one of the universities three stages: Svece, Kilovats and Decibels. Where each participant will perform will be determined by the expression of the performance and the necessary technical equipment for the performance.

On stage SVECE:

students - poets with self-made poetry (time limit - 3 to 4 minutes);

singers and musicians - soloists, duets, bands - who play 2 or 3 songs to the audience - self composed, favourite, lent, popular, forgotten, recognizable, special and songs you can sing along (time limit of 7 to 10 minutes).

On stage KILOVATS musicians are invited to:

play 2 or 3 their own musical compositions or cover versions (time limit - 5 to 8 minutes).

On stage DECIBELS:

musicians play time is determined by the audience applause.

The performances of the 28th Student folk festival will be judged by viewers and a professional jury. Jury will decide who will win a special prize "Jelgava bard in 2017" - the most expressive folk spirit holder. In contrast, the main winner will be determined by the audience.

To apply for the festival, potential participants until 17 February till 15.00 have to contact the Head of the Student club Anita Prūse by email or by phone +37126498504 . In addition, on the 20th of  February at. 17.00 at LLU Student Club a hearing of the contestants will be held (Lielā iela 4, Jelgava Palace Park). For those musicians who won’t be able to attend the hearing, please send the application form and the song / composition entries.

Contact: Head of the Student club Anita Prūse, tel. 26498504.

Submitted on: 26/01/2017