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LLU and ZAAO have signed a cooperation agreement

Image author: No LLU arhīva

On the 23rd of January LLU representatives of Environmental and Civil Engineering and Forestry faculties as well as Rector Irina Pilvere visited Vidzeme regional waste management center "Daibe" (RAAC "Daibe").

During the meeting, the LLU Rector Irina Pilvere and ZAAO Ltd. (ZAAO) Proctor Ģirts Kuplais signed a mutual cooperation agreement, which intends an active involvement in educating the public on environmental issues, the use of scientific and material resources in research, the development of joint projects and diverse competencies.

"We are delighted every time entrepreneurs have appreciated our universities competence and calls for cooperation in education, science. The company has made a great effort to carry out the reduction of environmental impact, and take care of other members of the public environmentally and socially responsible behavior by offering waste sorting containers, the collection of environmentally harmful products and promoting youth education on environmental issues. LLU Forest and Environment and Civil Engineering Faculty scientists have accumulated knowledge of forest management and water management areas, therefore we have already began to talk about activities in which we will invite young people to participate in and which will be implemented in the next few months, "says LLU Rector Irina Pilvere.

So far, LLU has already implemented cooperation with ZAAO during students' internships when the students of the study program "Environment and Water Management" went on field trips to RAAC "Daibe".

LLU representatives were introduced to the RAAC "Daibe" modern infrastructure and projects which will involve LLU teachers and students.


Submitted on: 24/01/2017