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Cherry blooming madness at Horticultural Institute in Dobele

This weekend lovers of spring and blooming charm are invited to Dobele – to Latvian University of Agriculture, Institute of Horticultural extensive garden. Although due to late arrival of spring lilac are still slowly preparing to blossom, at the garden of Institute as a white cloud of perfume are flowering cherries and the apple trees are opening first petals. Within Horticultural Institute of Culture Days on weekend of the 20th and 21st May everyone is invited to the garden and enjoy the beautiful view.

On 19th of May at. 16.00  at P. Upīša museum, which is the heart of the Horticulture Institute, an opening celebration for "Pēteris Upītis contemporaries' memoirs" a book dedicated to the breeder Peter Upīts. He was the one who started fruit-growing research and selection of dozens of fruit tree varieties in Dobele. For the general public he is more known for his lilac breeding, like in Dobele lilac garden, which dates back to time when P. Upisa was operating.

In turn, on Saturday, May 20th at 12.00 in the garden everyone is invited to the Liepaja Puppet Theater performance "How about a bunny bunnies drove" (“Kā zaķis par zaķi brauca”) after which small spectators will be able to participate in games with the actors.

Sunday, May 21st from 11.00 to 13.00 it will be possible to participate in the artist Inara Kudrjavceva painting master class. Each garden guest will be able to visit the world of painting, bringing along the main painting tool -  good mood.

In contrast, at 13:00 the ancient dance group "Magnolia" will take you to the dance world as they will perform 19th century dance and afterwards will invite each and every guest to join them.

Zemgale handcrafters will take care of garden visitors well-being on both days as they will demonstrate the trade secrets and sell manufactured products.

On weekends the entrance ticket price in the garden for adults is 5 euro, students and pensioners 3 EUR, but pre-school children free of charge. All activities in the garden are included in the admission price.

Culture Days events will continue into next week. To the current program of measures to follow up the request of the Institute of Horticulture and P. Upisa Museum and the lilac garden Facebook pages.

Institute of Horticulture and Garden is located in Graudu street 1, Dobele.

Submitted on: 18/05/2017