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First international students graduate LLU

This year, diplomas in Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU) received 720 graduates, including 540 bachelor and 180 master students, as well as first two international students.

In LLU studies around 100 international students but majority of them come to university for one or two semesters within their exchange programme. However, this year first full time international students graduated their master studies in LLU. Svetlana Gribanova from Russia graduated Faculty of Economics and Social Development where she studied “Sociology of Organizations and Public Administration”. “I liked all the study programme and teaching staff. In every case professors tried to hear your field of professional interests and gave you more personalized programme. The main point is that you have to show your interest in some field and you will get something in return. People were very flexible in different ways of communication and teaching; it was never boring. Also, twice I participated in international scientific conferences which were very interesting. I learnt how to present better, as well as I met different people. It was English class for free all day long,” Svetlana is sharing her experience in LLU. 

Vincent van Andel from the Netherlands graduated Faculty of Food Technology where he studied “Food Science”. “I had a personal approach to studies from professors and they explained some theoretical and practical parts deeper I didn’t understand even in my previous university in the Netherlands. During my study period I have acquired not only professional knowledge and skills but also friends from different countries, as well as Latvian culture,” Vincent is explaining his impressions about his studies in Latvia. During his studies in LLU Vincent spent also one semester in exchange programme in Prague, Czech Republic, where he expended his experience in food science.

Among all graduates this year there were also five students from Latvia who received diploma of excellence – Alise Rozentāle from Faculty of Food Technology, Rūta Stumpe from Faculty of Engineering and Anete Ralle, Zane Osīte and Edīte Eihvalde from Faculty of Economics and Social Development. The diploma of excellence is awarded to graduates who have at least 75 percent of the grades 9 or 10 and have no grades less than 7. Also, a candidate for a diploma must pass state examinations or defend their theses with 9 or 10.

“The diploma of excellence shows that the student has been studying for several years at the highest level with diligence and with inner joy and confidence. It shows the attitude to studies, targeted academic work against the university, as well as others. We are proud that we have such graduates who have shown such a good performance, which will undoubtedly be paid back to them in the future, as an employer or employee," says Aigars Laizāns, Vice-rector of the LLU.

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Submitted on: 26/06/2017