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Freshmen most anticipated event – Azemitologs celebration

Image author: No LLU arhīva

On Monday, October 4rd at 14.00 at LLU Jelgava palace backyard a traditional and one of the oldest university festivals will take place – Azemitologs. Each year this festival is celebrated in the 1st of October but this year it will be celebrated two days later. The freshmen of all eight faculties will gather in the backyard of Jelgava palace to show homeworks they’ve prepared and to demonstrate their adherence to the great family of LLU.

Azemitologa celebration confirms belonging, love and loyalty for place, people and traditions – jointly created and groomed. Since autumn 1968th, when his Excellency, universities patron Azemitologs adressed his speech to freshman of LLU, several decades has passed, but the tradition has remained and it unites several generations of students. Azemitologs celebrates the unity, wisdom, wit and fun. The aim of this celebration is to build closer ties among freshman as well as to acknowledge their affilation to the university and Alma Mater.

The celebration will start with each faculties Deans introduction in to the yard of Jelgava palace where each faculty representatives will demonstrate their wit and wealth of imagination. It will be followed by the arrival of Azemitologs in a horse-drawn carriage and freshman prepared performances.

This year each faculty freshman has to prepare a theatrical assignment – a performance under the motto “Wheel of time”. Azemitolgs invites to make the performances witty and attractive by choosing and focusing on current events – LLU, specialty, politics, economy, agriculture, education and culture. Each performance will be evaluated by the jury and each faculty has the chance to win the Large or Small Azemitologs prize.

The order of faculties performance is definite in advance- Faculty of Environment and Civil Engineering (VBF), Faculty of Food Technology (PTF), Faculty of Veretinary medicine (VMF), Faculty of Agriculture (LF), Forest faculty (MF), Faculty of Engineering (TF), Faculty of Information Technology (ITF) and Faculty of Economics and Social Development (ESAF).

The performances will be judged by a panel taking into account certain criteria: arrival type and mood, the presentation, home task performance, performances ideas clarity and intelligibility. As well as students cohesion, unity, patriotism, self-confidence and fighting spirit during the celebration.

Also the winners of the LLU Sports Centres freshmen tournament will be rewarded during the celebration. Afterwards freshman will pledge to study conscientiously and to be honest in the study process, but at the end jury will announce the winners of the Azemitologs award.

Let’s celebrate together!

Submitted on: 27/09/2017