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Scientist night at LLU: air as a fuel, “added” reality and the “invisible” herb world

Image author: No LLU arhīva

On the evening of September 29th in Latvia will be held events to honor Scientist night. During this time there will be given opportunity to understand the newest science discoveries and get closer to what the human mind still sees as miraculous and impossible. Scientists of LLU in Jelgava, Dobele and Cēsis invite people to get acquainted with the innovations in biological, engineering and social sciences fields. In the mind of a scientist everything is possible and only the time is needed to make everything impossible possible. Come and see for yourself!

LLU in Jelgava from 17:30 to 22:30 will offer activities and educational lectures at various faculties and scientific institutes.

In Jelgava Palace (Lielā street 2) scientists will try to answer to questions like “What we don’t see in the soil with our own eyes?”, “How to measure the microclimate in the room?”, “What is the electromagnetic fields pollution?”, “What is innovation and how do they occur?”. Information technology specialists will talk about “open hardware”, microcomputers, virtual reality and electromagnetic fields. Scientists from the Faculty of Agriculture will try to demonstrate invisible to the eye soil properties. Scientists of the Faculty of Economics and Social Development invite to lectures and discussions about the role of innovation in society. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will show the intubation of a dog and heart tone and veins simulator.

Agricultural scientists (Strazdu street 1) will give an opportunity to find, view and touch organisms that are existing on different parts of the plant and introduce the role of insects in plant life. Additionally, people interested in beekeeping will have the opportunity to see that agriculture is increasingly becoming the field for information technology professionals.

The latest packaging news, newest food products and technologies will be demonstrated by food scientists (Rīgas street 22), who have found use for such rare known edibles as triticale, various kind of oats, quinoa and tapioca. Also at Scientist night they will answer to question “Is storing the food in refrigerator the best thing to do if we think about nature friendly living?”

Not only to look, but also to try out the latest innovations in the world of engineering will be possible at the Faculty of Engineering (J. Čakstes bulvāris 5). In collaboration scientists and students have created pneumatic manipulator and a robot that makes decisions by himself. The aim of LLU engineers is to create technologies that are environmentally friendly, so do not be surprised when you see manipulators that are propelled by compressed air and a robot who does not use GPS, but knows exactly how to get to the destination.

Members and students from the Faculty of Environment and Civil Engineering (Akadēmijas street 19) with surveyors will offer to participate in operation of determination of flooded territories using unmanned aerial vehicle technology. Visitors will be able to see the “Daugava model” near the city of Jēkabpils by using a drone and then from the collected data it will be visualized in 3D.

Woodworking engineers (Dobeles street 41) will show the latest applications for one of the oldest building materials - wood - and prove that innovations in woodworking and energy are not only a product on the store shelf, but also technologies, methods and processes. Everyone will have the opportunity to try to measure the forest resources by using a drone and simulate the work of a forestry engineer while sitting in a forest simulator.

The activities of LLU scientists will also be available to everyone in Dobele, Institute of Horticulture (Graudu street 1, Dobele), where scientists will open the lab door at 15:00 and allow you to look at a completely different world of fruits and berries. Of course, there will be also the opportunity to visit scientist created garden. In this garden every tree and fruit is observed all year round and there are experiments’ taking place which allows getting the best fruits in Latvia. Also, LLU scientists from the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics in Cēsis (Vecais alus brūzis, Lenču street 9/11) will also talk about innovation in the selection and cultivation of legumes. In addition, everyone will be able to get to understand how new varieties are formed and will be able to taste legumes.


Submitted on: 27/09/2017