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Let’s celebrate National Holidays together!

Image author: No LLU arhīva

In November LLU family is invited to participate in various events to honor the people who lost their lives while fighting for their ideals and freedom, but whose selflessness and courage made it possible for us nowadays to live in an independent country. Despite the gloomy November weather lets light up our hearts and pin up Latvian flag ribbons to our clothes.

Together we reach our goals

On the evening of the 8th of November at 18.00 at Jelgava Palace yard students are invited to participate in the relay race “Lāpa” which this year will happen for the 46th time and is organized in memory of LLU teacher Edvīns Feldmanis who on November 17, 1971 organized the first relay race “Lāpa”. The participants task is to run around Jelgavas Palace Western wing while holding a torch. The start and finish of the race is the middle of Jelgava Palace yard.

Together we will remember

On the evening of November 11th at 17:00 LLU students and staff are invited to join the citizens of Jelgava in the Torchlight procession (Lāpu gājiens) that will start in O.Kalpaka street and will end at the monument of "Liberators of Jelgava" opposite to the railway station. On Lāčplēša day we particularly honor Latvian freedom fighters who on November 11th 1919 freed the city of Riga from Pavel Bermont – Avalovs army nevertheless the torchlight procession is a memorial event for all the different freedoms fighters who lost their lives while fighting.

Together we will sing

On November 14th at 18.30 LLU female choir “Liepa” and men’s choir “Ozols ” invites everyone to join them in a concert in honor of the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia. This singing together will be happening at LLU Students’ Club (the building in Jelgava Palace park, near the river Driksa). Song lyrics, musical accompaniment and hot tea will be available to everyone.

Together we will create light and say “thank you”.

Festive events will end on November 18th when the LLU Students Council invites to participate in City Councils organized public events and side by side with other students and citizens of Jelgavas and make ornaments by lighting up candles at the Hercoga Jēkaba square. Doing that we will honour the people who 99 years ago founded the country. Afterwards everyone is invited to watch the fireworks.

Submitted on: 07/11/2017