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LLU plans to invest € 16,7 million in scientific infrastructure

Image author: No LLU arhīva

Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU) is a leading University of life sciences in the Baltic Sea region and a total investment of 16 721 153 EUR up until 2021 will be invested in its scientific infrastructure. It is stipulated in agreement between LLU and Central Finance and Contracting Agency, it is signed and based on receiving funding from European Funds Project (No. The project will be implemented by University in collaboration with Institute of Horticulture (DI) and Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics (AREI).

The main activities of the project are related to consolidation of Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre into LLU, modernization of infrastructure in all scientific research institutes and replacement of scientific equipment.

LLU conducts research in biosciences, engineering and social sciences and according to development strategy of LLU, DI, AREI for 2015-2020 there are planned constructions in 15 objects, from these 15 objects- 7 are LLU objects. Therefore, the research resources will be especially strengthened in fields of bioscience and engineering, some of them will be concentrated in Jelgava, Pārlielupe, where the Plant Protection Research Centre will be established and will be modernized the Alternative Fuels Research Laboratory which is the part of the Faculty of Engineering. Additionally, in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will be established the Animal Experimental Centre, which will be one of a kind centre in Latvia.

In order, in the main building of LLU- Jelgava Palace- will be created Bioeconomics and Long-Term Resource Centre, which will become the leading force in carrying out the strategy in Latvia and Baltic Sea region. In one of the institutes in the Forest Faculty will be created a new Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Laboratory which will work on studying wood pellets as a heat energy resource. There also will be changes in equipment at the Faculty of Environment and civil Engineering and in one of the laboratories in Research Institute of Agronomy.

In accordance to the project new scientific research equipment will be bought. For LLU, DI, AREI will be bought 565 units of equipment, that includes information technology and small-scale engineering units and also there will be created 20 more jobs in research field. In total, LLU in Jelgava and Skrīveri will receive 75% of funding, but DI and AREI will have 25% of funding.

As the preparations started in September 2016, until March of 2018 LLU plans to complete all construction projects, construction works in Skrīveri and Lielā street in Jelgava. There is also planned 5 construction procurements and purchasing equipment for different institutes (Institute of Agronomy) and faculties (Faculty of Food Technology, Faculty of Agriculture and Forest Faculty).

Submitted on: 08/11/2017