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Christmas time at LLU or what to do in December between many exams, reports and other things?

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The approaching end of the semester, tests, projects, reports and so many other “monsters” we have created in our minds can’t keep away Christmas from coming nearer to us. That’s why one part of the LLU family is studying in the night, writing final reports and trying to make ends meet, other part of the family is making Advent wreaths, lighting candles, making gifts, learning Christmas carols and creating the special festive scent with little bit of miracle. And we can’t forget about the sense of wonder, because in December it is the easiest to believe in miracles.

So that everyone who is always on the run, too serious, too obsessed with work and studies in the evening on December 24th wouldn’t get the feeling that a catastrophe is approaching to which they are not ready, we offer 5 steps of Christmas therapy. These steps in despite of the never ending to-do list will allow to everyone slowly and without effort get ready for Christmas. And we can add that this therapy has a side effect – during it’s time the well-being tends to increase which furthermore helps in achieving better results in studies and work.

Tune our thoughts on Chirstmas frequency

Great minds say that everything starts in our heads and it is enough with few thoughts to find the “festive tune” we all need. Few thoughts can change our feelings about Christmas time, they can show that Christmas is not some kind of deadline, but it is a real celebration. So let’s start within ourselves - tune your thoughts on holiday frequency and find your holiday spirit. December is truly one of the best and most joyful parts of the year.

Eye and nosedz exercises

December is one of the darkest months of the year, but if the only light that your eyes will see will be shining from a computer screen, then December will become ten times darker. Students and lecturers of the Faculty of Food Technologie gives opportunity in different workout for your eyes and additionally they ask you to use your nose. From 5th till 22nd of December everyone is welcome to Jelgava Palace museum where under the Christmas tree lights will be happening annual gingerbread products exhibition „Wheel of time”. Who knows- maybe someone will love the scent of gingerbreads so much that they will take it home and create exhibition worthy gingerbread masterpiece there.

Gift giving season

Not all of us are great at knitting, crocheting, baking, sawing, drawing or different kind of activities that result in delicious, useful and beautiful gifts. But some members of LLU family know few things about making gifts and not only for their loved ones, but also to others. And they are keen on sharing. A Christmas market will be held at Jelgava Palace from 11.00 till 15.00 on 13th December where will meet people who sell their works of art/handicrafts and people who would enjoy buying them. In role of sellers will be LLU students and employees.

Boost your memory and vocal skills

With avoiding shameful failure or silence will help knowing at least one song or poem and that will give you some slight hope in receiving presents from Santa on the 24th December. Learning by heart poems you can every working day at Fundamental Library. But with learning songs  the men's choir "Ozols" ("Oak") and the women's choir "Liepa" ("Linden") can help you. You can join them for the Christmas song evening on December 19th at 18.30 (Students club, Lielā iela 4). We hope that everyone will remember at least more than two lines for the Jingle bells song, but if not, then everyone will gladly help you to remember them. And there is no need take with you tea, honey, gingerbread or piano, because it all already will be there.

Create your own “rest stops”

Although this year for Jelgava Palace is uniquely historical due to construction works and that there will be no Christmas ball this year. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be possibilities to have get-togethers, because our students and Student’s Theatre has planned activities for you.

The Student Theatre invites you to stop running, slow down time and enjoy art at their performances. From 5th till 22nd of December there will be Pop-Up art market. The living room of Melpomene will be opened for visitors- it is a historic art space. Theatre will offer to visitors small performances and concert programs:

  • Saturday, December 16, 2017 (20.00) Sensation Visualization with sounds (Skaniskā sajūtu vizualizācija)
  • Tuesday, December 19, 2017 (20.00) Legend of Chocolate (Šokolādes leģenda)
  • Wednesday, December 20, 2017 (18.30) Songs for adults who feel like kids (Dziesmas pieaugušajiem bērniem

The faculty of Environment and civil Engineering invites to their Christmas ball on December 12th at 21.00. Students from faculty of Veterinary Medicine invites to their 54th Christmas Carnival on December 21st (18:00). More information about this you can find in faculties facebook pages.

 If you feel that you need more than five therapy steps, you are welcome to add them as many as you wish. It is not important how many gingerbread houses you will make, how many gifts you will buy, we hope that you will find your true Christmas spirit and maybe even share with others.


Submitted on: 06/12/2017