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The Latvia University of Agriculture provides wide opportunities to participate in sports to its students and employees. The University has two sport halls, a swimming pool, space for aerobics, martial arts, fitness equipment, as well as a sports ground and horse-riding sports centre. Sport classes are available: basketball, volley-ball, ping-pong, track-and-field athletics, Greek-Roman wrestling, judo, aerobics, floorball, orienteering, football, weight lifting, badminton and horse-riding. Employees have the opportunity to participate in six kinds of sports.

The most important sporting events are:

  • The 1st year students' tournament in 9 kinds of sports
  • The Latvia University of Agriculture "Universiade" in 11 sports
  • Inter - University competition during Student Days
  • Torch race
  • Student games for secondary vocational educational establishments
  • The event "The 1001st Night"
  • EDAF (events dedicated to Fraternity anniversaries)
  • Aerobics
  • the Latvia University of Agriculture faculty Sports festival
  • Employees' Sport Days

The most important sports events involving the athletes from the Latvia University of Agriculture are:

  • The Latvia Universiade
  • The Championships of Latvia
  • Competitions of the Students' League
  • SELL (Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) games
  • The Baltic Agriculture Universities sports competitions
  • Inter - university employee sports competitions
  • Games of the National Sport Association
  • Games of the Sport Veterans of Latvia
  • European Company Sport Games
  • The World Universiade in Track-and-Field Athletics, Olympic Games in swimming