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Annual gingerbread exhibition

Image author: No LLU arhīva

From 5th till 22nd of December everyone is welcome to Jelgava Palace museum where under the Christmas tree lights will be happening annual exhibition of gingerbread creations. This year the theme is „Wheel of time”. Every visitor will be able to vote for their favourite gingerbread creation, the winner will receive “People’s Sympathy” prize

Traditionally in the start of December everyone can smell the gingerbread scent in the hallways. It is one of the first messengers we get telling us that Christmas is coming. In this year’s exhibiton “Wheel of time” participants really tried their best and made real wonders- bikes, Christmas sled, Latvian wheel of time, candle house, grandmothers' house. These are only some of the creations made from gingerbread and it demonstrates our creativity and craftsmanship.

The idea of gingerbread exhibiton belongs to an Associate Professor from the Faculty of Food Technology Daiga Kunkulberga. “The first time I got this idea was ten years ago, when I was sketching stencils of houses with my students. Since the cottages were quite beautiful and magnificent they needed to be shown to other students and academic staff. Initially, the gingerbread houses could be seen at the Faculty of Food Technology. But over time we wanted to show them off to more people. That’s why we decided to have an exhibitions at Jelgava Palace and now this is already ninth year when it takes place.”

More than 30 students from the Faculty of Food Technology participated, 15 kilograms of gingerbread dough was used and 5 liters of glaze was used for these magical gingerbread creations. As always a huge support was from SIA “Leipurin”, SIA “Rausis” and “Rīgas Dzirnavnieks”.

The exhibition will be open to the guests from 9.00 till 17.00.

Submitted on: 06/12/2017