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Bova Rectors’ Board meeting discusses joint master degree programme

Image author: No LLU arhīva

On the 5th January at LLU Jelgava Palace was the annual BOVA Rectors’ Board meeting. Agenda for the meeting consisted of reviewing progress and achievement of objectives and preparing for the year 2018. Also the BOVA budget and new courses were approved. There was discussion about issues related to the Baltic universities joint master’s programme “Agri-food Business Management”

BOVA UN (The Baltic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network) has four members. These members are the Estonian University of Life Sciences, the Latvia University of Agriculture, Aleksandras Stulginskas University and the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences-Veterinary Academy. In the beginning of January BOVA Rectors’ Board meeting was hosted by the Rector Irina Pilvere of Latvia University of Agriculture.

At the end of the last year Latvia University of Agriculture received a licence for the new master’s study programme “Agri-food Business Management”. This programme will be unique, because it will be implemented in English language in all three Baltic countries. Rectors admitted that this programmes implementation shows the BOVA sustainability and the significance of cooperation for more than twenty years. They also agreed that the first issues would be connected with admission of students in the spring for autumn semester studies.

 “Graduates would benefit not only from the diploma, they would also receive high quality knowledge in bioeconomy, business management, finance management, marketing which would enhance their opportunities in finding job. If applying to this study programme students will have opportunity to see study environment in three different countries, learn from international companies, and make new set of contacts for future entrepreneurship. Duration of the studies will be 2 years, where the first semester will take place in Tartu (Estonia), the second semester in Kaunas (Lithuania), the third semester in Jelgava (Latvia) and the fourth semester is devoted for the master’s thesis which will take place in Jelgava,” says the Dean Andra Zvirbule of the Faculty of Economics and Social Development (LLU).

During the meeting it was agreed on granting financing for four BOVA courses in year 2018 and for four courses in year 2019. Previously they had already agreement on eight courses for master students which will take place in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and additionally two courses that will be financed by Nordplus.

The new courses are associated with the economy, modern technologies, geodesy, land management, agricultural product quality and safety, animal protection and welfare, waste management. Members of LLU are involved in implementation of 7 courses.

Submitted on: 12/01/2018