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Students are welcome to participate in the scientific conference “Students on their Way to Science”

Image author: No LLU arhīva

Students are welcome to participate at the 13th international scientific conference “Students on their Way to Science”, deadline for the registration and submission of abstracts is March 12, 2018. The conference will be held on April 20, 2018, at Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (Jelgava Palace).

The conference is aimed at dissemination of scientific research results, sharing of experience, improvement of foreign language and cross-cultural communication skills, and establishing of international contacts. The conference will be delivered in English language. For some students this is an amazing opportunity to show their study results of their bachelor, master or doctoral thesis and to acquire new knowledge. The participation in the conference gives an advantage if applying for scholarships.

The conference has been recognised as one of the largest student scientific conferences in Central and Eastern Europe, with students not only from Latvia, but also from other countries. In the previous year there were around 140 reports presented by students.

Students can submit their research papers in nine research areas and there are two kinds of participation possible. Students can give an oral presentation (only) or give an oral presentation + publication of abstract. Research areas include: Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Education, Food Science, Engineering, Information Technologies, Forestry, Rural Engineering and Social Sciences.

More information about the conference and registration procedure you can find here.

Submitted on: 05/03/2018