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Students on their on Way to Science

Image author: No LLU arhīva

On April 20, the 13th International Scientific Conference "Students on their Way to Science" was held at the Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies. Conference was attended by participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, France, Turkey, India, Romania, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

"Every year, during the conference, there are students who, through their research, provide a wide-ranging view of science in a global scale. We are convinced that science is a global subject matter. Participation in the conference gives students the opportunity to get new impressions, cooperation partners, and personal contacts in order to promote further scientific discoveries, " said Aigars Laizāns, Vice-rector of the University.

The purpose of the conference is to promote scientific research and develop intercultural communication experiences. One of the essential benefits for the conference participants are improving foreign language skills, because working language of the conference is English.

At the same time, for some students it was a great opportunity to tell about the results of their Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral thesis, as well as to gain knowledge about the researches of the represented sciences in other countries. Student participation in the conference will also be used as an advantage in various scholarships competitions.

This year, students read reports on various topics covering all the study and research areas implemented by the LLU: agriculture, veterinary medicine, food science, engineering, education, information technology, environment and construction sciences, forestry and woodworking, as well as social sciences. In total, more than 140 reports were presented.

This year, reports were published on topics such as harvest quality, temperature and preparations, fertilizer recommendations, e-waste management, use of mobile technologies in various industries, smart home security system, effects of environmental factors, accuracy of measurements, ecological problems, popular probiotic yogurt drinks “Actimel”, impact of high pressure processing, modern approaches to the development of sustainable business, the attitude of the Lithuanian population towards bank loans, the India sugar industry, its analysis and development opportunities, labor supply in the mechanical engineering and metalworking industries, the characteristics of sports equipment in Latvia, the determination of pregnancy to animals, therapeutic plasma exchange and plasma flask, epidemiology test for dogs in Latvia, microbiological indicators for drinking water, diesel engines, fingerprint technologies, modern cars, land s management and geodesy, energy efficiency requirements for sports buildings and solar cells, but the topics listed above are only a small insight in the conference.

Conference has been recognized as one of the largest student scientific conferences in Central and Eastern Europe.

Submitted on: 23/04/2018