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First international conference cycle in the bioeconomy and rural development

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With the plenary session "Bioeconomy and Rural Development" on May 10th at 10:00 LLU will introduce a cycle of six international conferences that will be held in Jelgava till the end of May and will bring together scientists, industry representatives and policy makers from Latvia and abroad to report on the latest international research results in bioeconomic sectors and their role in rural development. The Plenary Session will take place at the LLU Center of the Bioeconomy and Sustainable Resource Management, Liela iela 2, Jelgava.

At the conference plenary session representatives of state administration and foreign scientists will report on policy developments in bioeconomy and discuss development opportunities covering all priority areas of research in the LLU - bioscience, engineering, economics and society.

Bioeconomy is a part of the national economy,  where renewable and natural resources (plants, animals, micro-organisms, etc.) are used in a sustainable and thought-out way to produce food and feed, industrial products and energy. Bioeconomic sectors are agriculture, fisheries, food industry, forestry, wood industry, pulp and paper industry, as well as separate sectors of the chemical, biotechnology and energy sectors, the development of which is carried out by scientists from the LLU.

The Rector of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies - Irina Pilvere, Representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture and Economics, Deputy Chairman of the European Commission Representation - Andris Kužnieks, Chairman of the Development Council of the Zemgale Planning Region Aivars Okmanis, Chairman of the Jelgava City Council Andris Rāviņš and Director of the Institute of Food Safety , Animal Health and Environment "BIOR" Director Aivars Berzins will participate in the plenary session "Bioeconomy and Rural Development" with speeches and reports.  The directions of international bioeconomy research will be presented at the plenary session by representatives from the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, Europe and the world's leading life sciences university. Associate Professor Luis Trindade will present the role of plant breeding in the bioeconomy, but researcher Jan Willem van der Schans will report on short supply chains and innovations.

The research areas updated at the plenary session and their findings will be discussed in detail at international scientific conferences, which will take place at the faculties in May:

10. - 11.05. "Economic Science for Rural Development" (Faculty of Economics and Social Development);
11. - 12.05. "The rural environment. Education. Personality. "(Faculty of Engineering);
16. - 18.05. "Science for Rural Development" (Jelgava Palace);
16. - 18.05. "Forest Science and Higher Education - for the Development of the Industry" (Forest Faculty);
23. - 25.05. "Safety and durability of building structures" (Faculty of Environment and civil Engineering);
23. - 25.05. "Engineering for rural development" (Faculty of Engineering).

More than one thousand scientists from Latvia and abroad will meet in Jelgava. Scientists are invited as listeners from partner institutions - the Institute of Horticulture, the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, the National Plant Protection Research Center, BIOR and Silava, as well as young scientists, other LLU collaborators in Latvia and worldwide. Representatives of industry-related branches of the LLU, representatives of state and local government institutions are also invited to participate in the conference plenary session.

The plenary session of the conference "Bioeconomy and Rural Development" is organized within the framework of the ERDF project "Promotion of International Cooperation Projects in Research and Innovations of Scientific Institutions under the supervision of the LLU ".

Submitted on: 08/05/2018