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Researchers’ night at LLU: what we were and what we are?

Image author: No LLU arhīva

On September 29, from 18 pm until 23 pm, researchers of LLU in Jelgava, Dobele, Priekuļi and Dižstende invites people to attend events in honour of Researchers Night, this years motto – “we are made of science”. Adults and children at this night will be allowed to look into the history of science which tells us what were we once and how we lived, and where science achievements have brought us today.

In Jelgava Palace (Lielā iela 2) the researchers from Faculty of Information Technologies, Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Economics and Social Development will offer such opportunities as travelling in time, look at art that is made with help of computer engineering, get acquainted with the oldest and youngest means of payment, take part in business games and get acquainted with the achievements of modern scientists created within the framework of European Union projects.

Whereas at Faculty of Engineering (J. Čakstes bulvārī 5) you will be able to see engines that are designed in different ages from which the youngest will be an electromotor. Additionally, engineers will explain how they managed to rebuild a conventional car into an electric car couple of years ago

At Forest Faculty (Akadēmijas iela 11) visitors of the Researchers’ Night will be able to learn about how forests are created – how it is planted, formed, also you will be able to learn on what has changed over the years in silviculture. But at the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute (Dobeles iela 41) visitors will be able to get to know process of technological wood extraction and see the products created from wood. Anyone who will be ready to feel as forest engineer will be able to try the simulator. After visiting and seeing all the amazing things visitors will have an opportunity to feel the real forest atmosphere and drink tea that will be made on bonfire.

At Faculty of Environmental and civil Engineering (Akadēmijas iela 19) visitors will be able to travel in time and see how the work of engineers have changed since the book “Mērnieku laiki” was written by brothers Kaudzītes (it’s the first novel written in Latvian, 1913). It will also be possible to learn how people have used water force at different times and what scientists do nowadays so water would have beneficial effect. At Landscape Architecture and Planning Institute (Rīgas iela 22) visitors will be able to look at the historical transformation of different landscapes and will also be able to learn about the transformation story of the Valdeka Palace.

At Faculty of Food Technology (Rīgas iela 22) will take place a presentation of food products. There will also be stories about packaging of food products from antique until modern “intelligent” packaging possibilities. The “intelligent” packaging is work between the food technologists and Latvijas Zaļais punkts.

The researchers from Faculty of Agriculture are also inviting visitors to visit their laboratories (Strazdu iela 1). There will be narratives and demonstrations on plants and their multifunctional use, on pests- what kind of pests there are and how people have been trying to have control over them. Also there will be information on beekeeping and the necessary inventory that is used in beekeeping.

At Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (K. Helmaņa iela 8) researchers will be talking on how the science in veterinary medicine has changes throughout years in Latvia. In addition, there will be a special exhibition where visitors will be able to see the development of the methods of diagnosis and treatment used by veterinarians in past and how these professionals work today.

Submitted on: 20/09/2018