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Immigrants living in Latvia are invited to free integration courses in Jelgava

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In order to promote the inclusion of persons, who are third-country nationals and who are legally residents in Latvia (immigrants) in Latvian society, free of charge lessons – integration courses will take place in Jelgava and other Zemgale towns into the framework of the project “Integration ABC – 3”.

The participants of the integration courses will explore the fundamental values of Latvia's history and the country, its political system, acquire knowledge of the social, educational and health services system in Latvia and accessibility, will get to know the situation in the labour market, employment, the opportunities to work or build their own business, as well as knowledge of Latvian culture, traditions and skills in the development of intercultural dialogue.

What are Latvia's economics, traditions, values, features compared to other countries in Europe and the world? Where and how can you make friends with the locals? What do you need to know to live successfully in Latvia? To these and many other questions the participants will receive answers in integration courses. The training will be organised as lectures and practical consultations. The courses will be led by experience-rich and knowledgeable lecturers. Training languages -Latvian, Russian or English - interpreters of other languages will be invited, if necessary. 

In Jelgava the integration courses will start on October 22, 2019 at 16.00.

Application and more information:

courses’ coordinator Linda Vovere, e-mail: , phone: +371 29433212.

To find out more about the content, duration and lecturers of the courses, please, contact the courses’ coordinator.

We warmly welcome the foreign nationals living in Latvia to attend the courses, in order to get to know Latvia and Latvians! The integration courses are for free. At the end of the courses the certificates will be issued.

The project “Integration ABC – 3” is implemented by the society “Cooperation Platform” in the framework the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund in cooperation with the organisation “Shelter “Safe House””. The project is co-financed by the European Union. Grant agreement No. PMIF/8/2019/2/01.

For more information:

Lauma Celma, phone: 29822258







Submitted on: 15/10/2019