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Līga Baumane - manager with an engineering diploma and plan "B" for each employee

Image author: No LLU arhīva

When, in high school, she was encouraged by her teacher to carry out her first research project, she could hardly have guessed in her boldest dreams how far the snow-white wheat flour analyzed in the research would take her. Today, she is the manager of the confectionery factory of SIA “Fazer Latvija”, under which 27 confectioners work. There are many steps from a small research of flour to the management of a large confectionery factory, and she - Līga Baumane - has taken them boldly and relying on the opportunities created by life.

"I got my secondary education at Druva Secondary School, where, thanks to my chemistry teacher, my class teacher Inese Zīrupa, I had the opportunity to write a research paper on the effect of wheat flour properties on bread quality. Within the framework of the research, we cooperated with the Faculty of Food Technology of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. Thus, after graduating from high school, it was possible to choose the right direction for studies without long reflection, " says Līga about the choice to get an education in food science.

After four years of studies, Līga graduated with distinction and obtained a bachelor's degree in food science. This was followed by a master's degree in food science.

In addition to her academic achievements, during her studies she was active in university and faculty Student Governments, participated in the organization of the student seminar “Izrāviens”, participated in the Latvian Students' Union as a representative of licensing and accreditation processes, and actively represented the faculty in various sports events. In addition, Līga also took the opportunity to go on an Erasmus + internship, spending two months in Sardinia.

Social activities and outstanding success in studies at that time allowed the young student to obtain scholarships from Kārlis Ulmanis and the Senate, as well as the title of Student of the Year of the Faculty and two years in a row - the Honorary Award of the Year. Līga emphasizes: “This huge baggage of experience has helped me to become what I am now and not be afraid of new challenges, because only by stepping out of my comfort zone I can reach the highest peaks. For three years now, I have been actively participating in the student corporation "Dzintra", which gives an additional opportunity to develop and strengthen the social skills acquired at the university. "

Speaking about the development of her career, Līga reveals: “My path to the position of Fazer confectionery manager was quite a spontaneous and courageous step, because the position of “manager” imposes a different level of responsibility, but I knew that I was ready for it. In undergraduate and master's studies, I had chosen to study and research milk and its products in depth. I gained two years of experience as a shift master at “Latvijas piens” ltd, but life came with corrections and, passing three rounds of selection, I became the manager of a confectionery factory.

Although 70 km from Jelgava must be measured to the place of work every day, it has not scared Līga. She is also not deterred by the fact that she prefers something salty instead of chocolate.

"I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I really like this job and I have never regretted my choice. I am proud that the team I lead creates excellent products with value, " says Līga.

Līga received her education in food science at the university, but currently most of the tasks in her work are communication with employees, motivation and evaluation of employees' abilities. “The manager must be flexible, able to adapt quickly to the situation and always have a "plan B" in place. I am also aware of the importance of supporting and motivating my employees with various communication tools. First of all, I evaluate each situation individually, for example, for one the greatest motivation is praise in the presence of the team, but for another there need to set clear tasks and the opportunity to learn something new. This is exactly how we work with each employee individually," says the graduate.

She also recommends her university as a place of study for others: "LLU is a great environment where you can improve yourself, acquire new skills and reach new heights. The student atmosphere in Jelgava is felt at every step, so studying at LLU is the best choice, especially due to the unique study programs. LLU is a place where you can create and implement even your most unimaginable ideas. As Pēteris Delle, a former professor at the Faculty of Food Technology, I graduated from, said: "You should not put up with what you have, but think, study, work!"

Submitted on: 02/04/2020