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The study process at LLU will continue to take place remotely

Image author: No LLU arhīva

The state of emergency has been extended until May 12, so the period of various restrictions has alsobeen extended. From March 13, the distance learning process in higher education institutions will continue for at least another month, including for LLU students. Also, no full-time events will be planned at the university.

In order to protect the health of its students and employees and not to put them at risk of illness, LLU will continue to organize its activities until May 12, observing social distance from each other and avoiding gatherings. This is provided for both by the decisions adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers and by the order of the Rector of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies “On epidemiological safety measures at the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies in connection with the spread of COVID-19 virus” issued in March.

According to the university management, currently the study process mostly takes place on the e-study platform, organizing both lectures and practical and laboratory work. This month, the pre-defense of the final theses will also begin. It is planned that the defense will be organized in a similar form in May and June. As not all students have access to appropriate technical support, LLU faculties will organize separate rooms for those students who will not be able to defend their final theses at home and who will need technical support to connect to the e-study platform.

Traineeships are still continuing, because social distancing measures are observed in them and students implement them individually. In cases where this is not possible, the directors of study programs have made changes in the practice tasks so that students acquire the necessary knowledge and do not endanger their health.

In some faculties, special support for students is provided by laboratory assistants, who technically perform the necessary laboratory analyzes and provide students with information about their results. This way they can prepare high-quality final theses. In addition, the work is continued by the Fundamental Library of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, which offers opportunities to use a wide range of electronic resources, as well as, by prior agreement, gives out the necessary literature in person. You can find out more about the library's work during an emergency on its website.

It is important to note that currently the university management does not plan to extend the study semester, because all issues related to distance learning are promptly addressed and there have been no breaks in the study process.

It is valuable for visitors to the university to know that the administrative and technical work at the university continues, looking for opportunities for some employees to perform their duties remotely - from home. This is the responsibility of the heads of each unit, recognizing that health is now a top priority. In cases where remote work is not possible and the risk of social contact is low, employees perform their duties at the workplace, but with a careful assessment of their state of health and personal hygiene.

However, the LLU Sports Center, its bases and swimming pool are closed to visitors. Also, tourist groups and interested people are not allowed to visit Jelgava Castle Museum and excursions to the castle are not organized. The LLU Veterinary Clinic works in a special mode, asking its clients to first contact them electronically or by phone and together with the clinic staff to decide on the need for a visit.

The university management calls on students and staff to be responsible, to take care of and monitor their health, to observe the restrictions on gatherings, as well as the prevention measures for the population of Latvia set by the Ministry of Health. Please also follow the information provided by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Let's be responsible for ourselves and others!

Submitted on: 08/04/2020