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LLU is starting double diploma study programmes with Uzbekistan

October 2 at 12.00 Latvian time and at 14.00 Uzbek time, the online opening ceremony will take place at the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU) in Jelgava and Samarkand, Uzbekistan, in order to solemnly start 2020/2021. year of study in Uzbekistan. The opening is organized because three LLU study programs in food science and information technologies will be implemented in two universities of this country and the first groups of students will be admitted already this autumn. After the first year of studies in their country, students will have the opportunity to continue their studies at LLU and obtain a higher education diploma both in Latvia and Uzbekistan.

Developing the export of Latvian higher education to Central Asian countries, from October 2020 students at the Samarkand Institute of Veterinary Medicine will start their studies in the bachelor's study program "Food Quality and Innovations" and the master's study program "Food Science". In the Samarkand branch of Tashkent State University of Economics, studies will begin in the bachelor's program "Information Technologies and Systems".

All three are LLU study programs, which are implemented in Latvia and this year are also licensed in Uzbekistan to enable Uzbek students to continue their studies in Latvia after the first year of studies and apply for a double diploma in both countries. Uzbek universities have fully taken over the plans of these study programs from LLU and have coordinated the content of study courses with Latvian colleagues.

Until now, there have been no similar double diploma programs with Uzbek higher education institutions at LLU, and this is the first step in establishing them. It is an opportunity for foreign students to better prepare for studies in Latvia and to start developing their professional competencies in the chosen field of study before continuing their studies in Jelgava.

“Uzbekistan is one of the priority target countries for the international cooperation of our university, with which we have been cooperating intensively since 2016, when a group of lecturers from the Tashkent State Agrarian University trained for the first time in Jelgava. Currently, LLU has concluded cooperation agreements with 8 Uzbek higher education institutions, and Uzbek colleagues have visited Latvia several times for internships, because they appreciate the competencies of our lecturers and researchers, as well as study and research infrastructure opportunities, which we will be able to offer to their students in the future,” says Voldemārs Bariss, Head of the International Cooperation Center of LLU.

The opening of the new study year in Uzbekistan will be organized as an online event between Jelgava and Samarkand, with the virtual presence of university rectors, ambassadors of both countries, representatives of ministries and new students. The Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia Ilga Šuplinska, the representative of the State Committee of Uzbekistan Šukrats Jabarovs, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Latvia Kadambajs Sultanovs, the Ambassador of Latvia to Uzbekistan Mihails Popkovs, the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia Zanda Matuzāle greeted Uzbek students. Students will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the faculties of Information Technology and Food Technology in Jelgava in video format, where they will be able to continue their studies after successfully completing the first year of studies in Uzbekistan.

The live broadcast of the opening event will also be broadcast at other LLU partner universities in Uzbekistan and young Uzbek students will be able to watch it on the LLU Youtube channel.

Submitted on: 01/10/2020