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LLU graduate Liene Ekša: "Sociologists are able to adapt to everything and learn quickly!"

Image author: No LLU arhīva

Although she comes from Dobele region, Liene Ekša, a graduate of LLU, has been calling Jelgava her home for more than five years. Liene has been socially active since elementary school, so studying "Sociology of Organizations and Public Administration" was an obvious decision.

Liene has always known that she wants to connect her future with people, the creation and implementation of new ideas that is offered by studies in sociology. During her bachelor's studies, she became involved in both faculty and university student self-government, and accepted the challenge of going on an ERASMUS + exchange to Budapest, later becoming a LLU mentor to other ERASMUS + students, acknowledging that it was an exciting adventure for herself. Regarding the study time, Liene says: “My decision to study at LLU "Sociology of Organizations and Public Administration" was logical, taking into account my wishes to express myself and find out new things, sociology was the real field. During my bachelor's studies, I had a rich non-study life - self-government, Erasmus+, ESN, Latvian Student Association and various other projects. Everything I have gone through and experienced has made me the person I am today. In my case, I can say that these areas found me! ”

After graduating from undergraduate studies, the graduate accepted another challenge and spent a year in Romania as a young European volunteer, recognizing that Liene's new experiences and impressions are like air without which her life could not be imagined. Returning from Romania, the young woman decided to improve her knowledge and applied for studies in the master's study program "Sociology of Organizational and Public Administration". L. Ekša's work ability, determination and ability to plan and organize her time resulted in with excellence completed master's studies. Liene says about the master's program: "Master's studies in general brought me much more benefits than I had originally expected, and I want to emphasize this. During the course we were working with professionals from different fields, which is unique in itself and the study process was supplemented by the life and work experiences of the course members. Study time brought both new contacts and knowledge and new professional experience." As a master's student, Liene participated in the National Research Program project "Development of a Sustainable and Cohesive Latvian Society: Solutions to Demographic and Migration Challenges". Together with the LLU team, a summer school for students "What to do with the place?" was organized, within which the students spent a week in the Aizkalne public center of Preiļi region, marking the development opportunities of the village. Liene admits: "If I had not decided to study for a master's degree, all these opportunities would not have reached me. My conclusion is this: sometimes the benefits can only be assessed after everything has been done! In my life, everything flows smoothly, the experience gained in the past leads to new opportunities."

The graduate's activities during her studies were noticed and she was advised to join the association "Latvian Young Farmers' Club" (JZK), where the club was directly looking for an employee, so Liene has worked as the executive director of the association for 3.5 years. The young woman emphasizes that the non-governmental sector has provided her with an indescribable number of lessons, like-minded people, friends and new competencies, especially in the field of leadership, communication and cooperation.

Speaking about the future, the graduate admits: "I clearly see my future related to management and administration, I am an excellent organizer and I plan to put it into practice! The industry is not so important, because my experience has shown that sociologists are able to adapt to everything and learn! I would like to wish any prospective student to use opportunities - internships, ERASMUS + exchanges, projects, self-government activities, volunteering - anything, because mutual cooperation and contacts can open new horizons for everyone in the future and what we have experienced on our own is inseparable. LLU and Jelgava offer all these opportunities."

Submitted on: 20/11/2020