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Higher, further, stronger: Students are still invited to use the activities offered by the LLU Sports Center

Image author: No LLU arhīva

Living in a fast-technology era, when most of the time is spent on computers and smart devices, it is important to take care of an active and healthy lifestyle. LLU Sports Center within the study course "Sports" offers a unique opportunity for students of all levels to engage in various types of sports activities to improve and develop physical abilities, reduce daily stress, strengthen and improve health, as well as train not only muscles but also mental abilities.

Although in the future LLU students will have the opportunity to attend the study course "Sports", which will be a free choice course from September 1, 2021, from March 19 to April 11, everyone is invited to participate in a survey available in the special course created by the e-study system (students must register for the course in order to take the survey (self-Registration). The aim of the survey is to identify students who want to continue attending sports classes at the LLU Sports Center.

Sports activities will take place after the lectures and no credit points will be awarded for them.

LLU students offers the opportunity to participate in various sports: volleyball, basketball, swimming (with / without basic skills), futsal / indoor football, gym classes, remedial gymnastics classes, fitness group classes (low, medium and high intensity levels) and physical fitness classes.

Also students who have trained on a high and/or professional level in sports schools/sports clubs are strongly welcomed and encouraged to continue their training and represent the following university varsity sport teams: basketball, table tennis, rugby, futsal / indoor football, badminton, country skiing, swimming, volleyball, orienteering, or join the track and field team and powerlifting team.

Students who are representing Latvia internationally and are part of any national sports team, and with whom the university has signed a cooperation agreement, will receive partially or fully reduced tuition fees.

Our mission is to provide every Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies student with an opportunity to exercise. In order to make their daily and student life more active, healthier, exciting and successful with the help of regular training and exercise.

Submitted on: 23/03/2021