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Agricultural studies in Jelgava are chosen by students from different countries

In the autumn semester of 2021, students from different countries have chosen to study in agriculture and related fields. Within the framework of the Erasmus + mobility program, students from Greece, Turkey, France and Russia have come to LLU to study plant pathology. Although the climatic conditions in most of their home countries are significantly different from those in Latvia, they consider the time spent at university to be very interesting and useful.

In a conversation with Erasmus + students studying plant pathology at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, it is revealed that the differences between agriculture in southern and northern Europe are greater than they originally thought. Students are more likely to appreciate differences than to see commonalities, although, for example, some crops and diseases are the same. Speaking about climate differences, students from Greece mentioned that at the end of November, the temperature in the Greek capital Athens had risen to 20 degrees Celsius in the middle of the day, while Latvia was experiencing frost and snow. As agriculture is primarily dependent on terrain and temperature, students wanted to understand how the Nordic countries are able to adapt to the cold climate.

Students have chosen Latvia as their country of mobility precisely because of the different plant growth conditions. In addition, students' trust in LLU is caused by the fact that it is a relatively old and traditional university. The Russian student, on the other hand, is not surprised by the climate, which is similar to his home country, but interest of the university raised by previous participation in an international student conference here. Exchange students also study agricultural sciences at their university, such as plant protection and crop production. At LLU, they take the opportunity to supplement their knowledge in various fields of agriculture, food technology and even business communication, which will be useful not only as a unique cultural experience, but also for raising professional qualifications.

In parallel with their studies, students travel around Latvia and nearby European countries, get to know Jelgava, as well as the cultural differences of other Erasmus + students. The opportunity for everyone to live together in one student hostel gives them the opportunity to gain a wide range of international experience. Students mention Jelgava Palace and Pasta Island as the most beautiful places in Jelgava.

In the autumn semester of this academic year, six more Erasmus + exchange students from Turkey and Germany are taking courses in agriculture at the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, and students from Georgia and India are studying in the academic bachelor's study program “Sustainable Agriculture” implemented at the Faculty of Agriculture. It is a new program and created in the project financed by the European Social Fund "Consolidation of LLU study programs and development of new programs" (

Submitted on: 30/11/2021