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Fullfil your fitness derams with the university! LLU Sports Center has a lot to offer

Image author: No LLU arhīva

Movement and sports have always been the basis for the mind to sustain its vigilance and high leveles of energy. It helps you to excel academically. The Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LBTU) is a place that offers its students a wide range of sports opportunities for free. The sports center provides services for maintaining physical shape, as well as organizes competitions for those, who want to achieve higher results and promote sports achievements.

In the gym you can attend various group classes, in the yoga room and in the swimming pool you can improve your physical fitness and stamina, and in the sports hall you can participate in a team sport, playing badminton, volleyball, floorball, basketball or table tennis.

Students are invited to familiarize themselves with the sports center of the university and its sports opportunities. Getting to know the Sports Center (Raiņa Street 1):

  • 7th of September, Wednesday, 12.00 - 16.00,
  • 8th of September, Thursday,  12:00 - 14.00,
  • 12th of September, Monday, 15.00 - 17.00.
Submitted on: 05/09/2022