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For the 55th time LBTU is celebrating the annual university festival - Azemitologs! See you on Monday, October 3, at 14:00

Image author: No LLU arhīva

Monday, October 3, at 14:00 Latvian University of Biosciences and Technologies  will host the annual university festival - Azemitologs! for the 55th time in the courtyard of Jelgava Castle. Freshmen from all eight faculties will gather in the courtyard of the Jelgava Palace to present a theatrical task - a performance that will prove belonging to the LBTU big family in the student spirit.

The Azemitolog festival confirms belonging, love and loyalty to the place, people and traditions - created, shaped and cared for together. Back in the fall of 1968, the then first-year students were addressed for the first time by his excellency, the patron of our university - Azemitologs. Since then, every year the symbol of all specialties of LBTU - the man of knowledge Azemitolog - welcomes the first-year students of our university, including them in the large student family. It is a celebration of studentship, unity, wisdom, wit and fun. Azemitolog holiday is a celebration of belonging, patriotism, friendship, pride and joy of our Alma Mater.

Last year, the Azemitolog Grand Prize went to the first-year students of the Faculty of Food Technology, who in their performance addressed the lack of food in the world, inviting students from all faculties to share their experience and knowledge to help society. 

A randomly picked student expresses: "The 2021 Azemitolog festival is especially close to me, which caused unprecedented emotions and joy. Already during the organization of the performance, a feeling of celebration, elation and belonging arose . Moreover, when the award winners were announced, it seemed unbelievable at first."

The event will begin with the entry of freshmen and faculty deans into the courtyard of Jelgava Palace, followed by the arrival of the Azemitolog, the address of the freshmen, and the celebration will begin - performances prepared by the freshmen with the motto "Everything changes, and we change with it" (Roman poet Ovidius). The sequence of performances of the faculties during the holiday – Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Food Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Economics and Social Development, Faculty of Environment and Construction Sciences and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

All performances will be judged by the jury, which will determine the winners of the Azemitolog Grand Prize and the Small Prize, as well as the Student Corporations and LBTU Student Self-Government, as well as other guests will present prizes to their chosen faculty. And ofcourse, don't forget the afterparty of winners!

Submitted on: 29/09/2022