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The courtyard of Jelgava Palace is decorated with an Advent Crown

Image author: No LLU arhīva

When preparing for Christmas, everything around becomes fabulously beautiful - festive lights are lit, Christmas trees are decorated, Advent crowns are made and gorgeous decorations appear in the windows, which allows you to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere at every step. The Jelgava castle and courtyard of the Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies - LBTU are also dressed up in luxurious decorations, becoming a stopover in the festive mood.

Advent is a special time of reflection, goodness, forgiveness and love, when everyone wants to reorganize their thoughts and actions, stop and look back on what they have done, experienced and felt. Although December is naturally the darkest month of the year, hardworking students and employees of LBTU have created an Advent crown decorated with countless strings of lights in the courtyard of Jelgava Palace, creating a warm and festive atmosphere.

Going on leisurely winter walks, we invite the LBTU family, residents of Jelgava and guests of the city to stop for a moment and capture special photo moments, share them on social networks and increase the joy of waiting for the holidays among family, friends and colleagues.

The palace courtyard is open to visitors every working day until 21.00, while on Saturdays and Sundays from 16.00 until 21.00

The Advent crown was made with the support of "Kultūra", the municipal institution of Jelgava state city.

Submitted on: 09/12/2022