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Epidemiological Safety Measures for Containment of Spread of COVID -19 Infection

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In order to reduce the risk of LLU students, staff and visitors to become infected with Covid-19 and to inform about the possibility of action in case of illness, at the university from September 1 and to introduce procedures for the implementation of epidemiological safety measures. It is binding for all LLU students, employees, visitors and guests. LLU buildings and premises, where study, scientific, administrative management or supporting processes are implemented.

The developed procedure envisages the responsibilities of each LLU employee and student, as well as determines the general work organization at the university in order to minimize the risks of the spread of infection and create a safe study and work environment for all involved. Please read the new rules carefully and be responsible for complying with them. LLU procedures for the implementation of epidemiological safety measures to control the spread of Covid-19 infection are available via this link.

An emergency situation has been declared in the country since November 9. During this period, the activities of LLU are organized in accordance with the above-mentioned epidemiological safety procedures and the current Rector's order issued for the duration of the emergency, and envisage compliance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers (updated on December 3, 2020).

If, while performing work or study duties, signs of acute respiratory infectious disease appear (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or a high body temperature is detected, work or study duties must be stopped, you must go to your place of residence and inform the head of the LLU relevant department (academic and general staff) and the dean of the faculty or a designated responsible employee (for students).

If a COVID-19 infection has been detected, the mediate superiors and the Specialist for Labour Safety and Civilian Protection Uldis Karlsons (e-mail:, phone - 29410374) shall be informed immediately.

In the future, LLU staff, including students, are required to visit the internal communication network My LLU at least once a day in order to obtain up-to-date information on epidemiological safety and changes in the implementation of related measures, if necessary.

In Latvia, the mobile application „Stop COVID” for identifying contact persons and providing information is available, enabling everyone to discover infection risks as soon as possible if close contacts with a Covid-19 patient have taken place, and to make a decision as soon as possible to undergo laboratory testing and self-isolation, as well to obtain recommendations and information for further actions. Detailed information on the application is available on the website: https:

We invite LLU employees, students and lecturers to follow the established LLU epidemiological measures and to be responsible both inside and outside the university!

Submitted on: 11/11/2020