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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine is a scientifically-practical branch, which studies animal diseases, diagnoses them, carries out treatments, prophylaxis and abatement, as well as supervises and controls hygiene of food products in the country and prevents illnesses common for both people and animals. It deals with environment protection from pollution, as well as takes care of ethical, esthetical and economical needs of pet and animal owners. Specialists of the branch solve problems connected with maintenance and provision of animal health, as well as quality and control of food products in the country. A very important field nowadays is food hygiene and specialists within it deal with various technologies of products processing, production and distribution in order to provide the production and use of harmless and healthy products.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the only faculty in Latvia, which offers studies completing which students receive a qualification of a veterinarian. Graduates can establish a private practice in veterinary medicine; work in already established veterinary hospitals and in institutions of food and veterinary service, as well as advance in the career in the veterinary medicine science. Food hygienists can work at the enterprises under the supervision of the Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Latvia, dealing with food production and distribution, as well as with public catering or laboratory testing diagnostics. Three institutes and a veterinary clinic "Veterinary Medicine Education Centre" are under the supervision of the Faculty.


  • Agriculture, forest management fishing, veterinary medicine and food hygiene


  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Food Hygiene

Directions of RESEARCH:

  • Morph functional studies of organ systems in postnatal ontogenesis
  • Approbation of synthetic materials (inplants) in live organisms
  • Studies and prevention of zoonotic infections
  • Food product quality and safety assessment