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For the first time Jelgava city will host robotics competition

Image author: No LLU arhīva

During the annual technics and innovation festival “Mehatrons” on September 7 in the open-air concert hall “Mītava” for the first time in Jelgava, Latvia a robotics championship will be organized. Robotics championship in Latvia is organized since 2007 and this year Jelgava will host the season opening round.

The competition is organized in cooperation with Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies which is one of largest technology universities in Latvia, giving a new dimension to already versatile programme of “Mehatrons”.

Each year Latvian Robotics championship draw in more and more new enthusiasts, and in 2019/2020 seasons opening stage organizers plan to welcome more than 200 competitors. The rules state that competitor has to be at least 1st grade pupil, but there are no maximal age limitations, allowing to participate everyone who is interested in verifying skills in programming and automation.

Event in Jelgava will have dozen disciplines in many different age categories.  All day long competitors will have a chance to test their skills in robotics sumo, line following, drone and other fields. Recent additions in the championship are VEX, MAKEblock and Folkrace competitions. Info

Jelgava event will also have a special entrepreneurship cup, where regional companies and their representatives will try to prove that their “iRobot Sumo” is the best one. Also this competition will be a battleground for Jelgava’s and nearby schools which will compete in their own mini sumo cup.

For many years Jelgava has been known as industrial and technologically advanced city and this area is developed in modern days as well. Inhabitants already since childhood have a chance to involve themselves in technologies - robotics classes and hobby groups are available in schools, youth center “Junda” offers more than 10 hobby classes related with technics, but in a professional manner enthusiasts can obtain education in Jelgava Technical School and Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. The university offers numerous technology related studies in IT, vehicle engineering, forestry, construction, food technology and others. After the studies knowhow can be used in many of the companies located in Jelgava. City also offers lifelong education opportunities for those who decide to improve their skills and knowledge.

Festival “Mehatrons” in Jelgava will be held for three days from September 6, and it has merged two events - “Engineering days” and “Metal festival”. During the robotics competition on the second day of “Mehatrons” the participants and visitors also will have a chance to find out more about education institutions and local companies. During the event local motorsport track “Rullītis” will hold the go-cart championship as well as hot lap, agility drive, mini dragrace and drift events.

Submitted on: 20/08/2019