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Code Sort descending Faculty Level Study Course Teaching Staff ECTS Autumn semester Spring semester
Arhi1031 VBF Bsc Digital Tools in Landscape Projects I Kristīne Vugule/ Artūrs Mengots 4.50
Arhi1036 VBF Bsc Landscape Studies Daiga Skujāne/ Inga Straupe/ Ilze Vircava/ Roberts Vucāns/ Kristīne Vugule 9.00
Arhi2032 VBF Bsc Landscape Studies and Architecture I Daiga Skujāne 3.00
Arhi2061 VBF Bsc Environmental Object Design II Una Īle / Aija Ziemeļniece 3.00
Arhi2066 VBF Bsc Landscape Ecology and Nature Protection Daiga Skujāne/ Inga Straupe/ Kaspars Abramenko 3.00
Arhi2067 VBF Bsc Natural Landscape Design Kristīne Vugule/ Daiga Skujāne 6.00
Arhi2068 VBF Bsc Parks and Squares Madara Markova/Aija Ziemeļniece 7.50
Arhi2071 VBF Bsc Landscape Architectural Design Graphics I K.Vugule/ I.Lāčauniece 3.00
Arhi2073 VBF Bsc Landscape Architectural Design Graphics II K.Vugule/ I.Lāčauniece 3.00
Arhi2076 VBF Bsc Water Landscape Daiga Skujāne/ Daina Ieviņa 3.00
Arhi3079 VBF Bsc Design of Residential House Area Una Īle / Aija Ziemeļniece 12.00
Arhi5050 VBF Msc Theory of Landscape Architecture Madara Markova 6.00
Biol2002 MF Bsc Dendrology Solveiga Luguza 4.50
Biol3006 LF Bsc Plant Physiology II Ina Alsiņa/ Laila Dubova 3.00
Biol3007 LF Bsc Propagation of Plants Ina Alsiņa/ Laila Dubova 3.00
Biol3014 LF Bsc Plant Physiology I Ina Alsiņa/ Laila Dubova 3.00
Biol3016 MF Bsc Forest Botany and Phytocenology Aigars Indriksons 4.50
BūvZ1039 VBF Bsc Computer Graphics in Land Management and Surveying Vita Celmiņa 6.00
BūvZ3096 VBF Bsc Three Dimensional Building Design Arturs Gaurilka 3.00
BūvZ4041 VBF Bsc Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures II Ulvis Skadiņš 3.00
BūvZ4057 VBF Bsc Photogrammetry Vita Celmiņa 6.00
BūvZ4109 VBF Bsc Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures III Ulvis Skadiņš 3.00
BūvZ5018 VBF Msc Methods of Digital Photogrammetry in Georeferencing Networks Aivars Ratkevičs 4.50
BūvZ5030 VBF Msc Precise Leveling Armands Celms 4.50
BūvZ6045 VBF Msc Geodetic Support System I Armands Celms 3.00
Citi1013 PTF Bsc Tourism Management M. Eglīte 6.00
Citi3055 VBF Bsc Land Use Planning I Vivita Puķīte 4.50
Citi4016 MF Bsc Labour and Civil Protection Uldis Karlsons 3.00
DatZ1010 ITF Bsc Introduction to Programming II Ingus Šmits 3.00
DatZ2005 ITF Bsc Database Technologies II Gatis Vītols 3.00
DatZ2013 ITF Bsc WWW Technologies Inga Viļumsone 4.50
DatZ2017 ITF Bsc Operating Systems II Ivars Mozga 3.00
DatZ2024 ITF Bsc Computer Networks I Andrejs Paura/ Aleksandrs Puzanovs 3.00
DatZ2055 ITF Bsc Computer Hardware Edijs Žvagiņš 3.00
DatZ2058 ITF Bsc Software Engineering Methods I Rudīte Čevere 3.00
DatZ3003 ITF Bsc Large Databases I Gatis Vītols 3.00
DatZ3004 ITF Bsc Large Databases II Gatis Vītols 3.00
DatZ3022 ITF Bsc Programming Tools Armands Kviesis 3.00
DatZ4005 ITF Bsc Administration of Computer Networks I Andrejs Paura 3.00
DatZ4007 ITF Bsc Administration of Computer Networks II Andrejs Paura 3.00