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Scientific Conference "Bioeconomy and Rural Development"


Uzmanību! Starptautiskā zinātniskā konference "Bioekonomika un lauku attīstība / Bioeconomy and Rural Development" tiek pārcelta un  7. maijā nenotiks. Tā paredzēta septembra beigās, par precīzu laiku un datumu ziņosim!

Laiks: 2020. gada septembra beigas. 
Vieta: Latvijas Lauksaimniecības universitāte, Lielā iela 2, Jelgava. 
Darba valoda – latviešu un angļu

Konferences mērķis: tematiski apvienot LLU pētniecisko virzienu konferences, sniedzot dalībniekiem reprezentatīvu informāciju par bioekonomikas politiskajām nostādnēm, attīstības iespējām LLU un tās pārraudzības iestāžu pētniecības izaicinājumiem prioritārajās jomās.

Konferences tematika ietver tai sekojošajās LLU zinātniskajās konferencēs izskatāmos jautājumus biozinātnēs, inženierzinātnēs, ekonomikā un sabiedrības attīstībā.

Konferencē aicināti piedalīties LLU, tās pārraudzības un partnerinstitūciju – DI, AREI, Valsts Augu aizsardzības pētniecības centra, BIOR un “Silava” pētnieki, jaunie un topošie zinātnieki, citi LLU sadarbības partneri Latvijā un pasaulē. Dalībai konferences plenārsēdē aicināti arī ar LLU saistīto nozaru uzņēmēji, valsts un pašvaldību institūciju pārstāvji.

Konferences ziņotāji 2019. gadā

Key Note Speaker


Bilde Arne Bardalen is Special Adviser at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO). He has held positions in administration at county level as Director of agriculture, deputy County Governor and County Governor. From 2001 he was Director of the Norwegian Institute of Land Inventory, from 2006 Director of the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute and from 2016 Director of Research at NIBIO. Bardalen has worked as expert in committees covering climate change, risk assessments, climate policy for agricultural sector, strategies for the forest sector, food security, protection of arable land and assessment Norwegian bioeconomy potential.


Eugene Eteris has a PhD in comparative European politics, M.Sc.in Law and Lic.Jura (Denmark). During last 20 years has been dealing with the EU politics, economy studies and legal issues. He is an associate professor at Riga Stradina University/Latvia and an International Editor in the magazine “The Baltic Course”. He has been a visiting professor in European universities and colleges: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Latvia, etc. and published several books on EU economic policies and integration. During last 15 years has been an external expert in the DG Education and Science. Since 2016, he is a member of SDSN Global, as part of Nordic countries sustainability network, a member of Latvian Science Academy European Policy Research Unit. Since 2006 - International Editor in “The Baltic Course Magazine”.


Vilija Aleknevičienė is the Head of the Research Institute for Bioeconomy at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU). She is directly responsible for the quality of research results, lecturing and overall implementation of study programmes, that involves Institute‘s professors and lecturers. Her primary research interests are risk-adjusted performance of companies and farms and decision modelling in financial markets. Currently she focuses on agricultural risk assessment and management as well as on profile, potential and strategic guidelines of bioeconomy. She is a member of European Agricultural Economists Association; working as an expert in the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and the Research Council of Lithuania; supervising and participating in national and international projects; supervising doctoral students, one of which has written the best dissertation in Social and Humanitarian Sciences in Lithuania in 2015. During her career at the University she was a Chairman of the Council of Faculty, Vice-president of Senate.


Robert Zile is a Latvian economist and politician, president of the "Fatherland and Freedom" / LNNK and a member of the European Parliament. The European Parliament's 8th parliamentary term is the third largest EP political group, the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), and is vice-president of the group. Robert Zile is the most active member of the Latvian and Baltic EP after quantitative analysis of mepranking.eu in the eighth parliamentary term, occupying 19 seats among 751 Members. In 1997 he obtained a PhD in Economics from the Latvian University of Agriculture. During his career, Robert Zile has represented Latvia in various international scientific projects and programs. Published articles and research on property and agricultural policy issues in the US, Australia, Norway, Finland, Australia, Hungary, Slovakia and Germany.


Prof. Dr. oec. Inese Vaidere is a Member of the European Parliament in the EPP Group. Born in Jelgava, graduated from high school and university, where he earned a doctorate and a scientific title. After the restoration of Latvia's independence, he became involved in political activities. Former Minister of Environment, Deputy Chairman of Riga City Council, Adviser to the Prime Minister and State President, Member of the Saeima and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Since 2004, she has been representing Latvia's interests in the European Parliament by actively participating in the availability of EU funds, a common understanding of European history, employment and business promotion, the abolition of roaming and consumer rights. He wrote several books on the Economy and Memory Collection "Mission to Latvia". He is president of the Latvian Economic Development Forum. Received international awards.

Session “Innovations in Higher Education in the Field of Bioeconomy”

Key Note speaker




M.Sc. Alexander Pinker empowers companies, institutions and organizations to navigate their way through digital transformation and the current technological and social change as an innovation profiler, future strategist and startup expert. Through his website “Medialist Innovation”, which specializes in trend scouting and innovation management, his function as a technology futurist for “Futures Space” and as a board member of the “Startup Network SUN”, he has gained deep insights into companies of various sizes and industries. He combines the inventiveness of the creative with the analytical eye of the consultant and searches with companies for the traces of change that will shape their way into the future. Pinker is a lecturer for trend and innovation management at the University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt and author of the book "Inovate Retail - Innovation Technologies and Digital Strategies for Retailers".


Dr Ieva Margeviča-Grinberga is a leading researcher at the Scientific Institute of Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art, University of Latvia. She is an author of international publications about higher education, and about educational programs for decreasing social exclusion. Ieva Margeviča-Grinberga has been a visiting professor at numerous universities in Georgia, Mexico, Chile, Lithuania, Spain and Brazil, leeds research projects, and is one of the founders of RIAICES (A Red Iberoamericana de Investigación sobre la Calidad de la Educación Superior). She collaborates with partners from Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico on research related to teacher training, social inclusion, intercultural communication and higher education. Her current interests are related to competency-based higher education.
Besides academic work she together with husband runs organic black currant farm. Farm’s mission is to provide representatives of local community, students and researchers with opportunities for experiential learning, group collaboration and research.


Dr Aigars Laizāns, a professor of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Vice-rector of studies, has considerable experience in research, as well as managing large international research projects and business experience at the top managerial positions. Particular interest in the research is related to the renewable energy applications, bioresources use in energy production, energy efficiency issues, as well as in automation and control of technological processes.
Recent research activities are related to the electric transport, especially to the wireless energy transfer to the electric cars, and hydrogen use in transport systems. Dr. A.Laizans’ experience and skills are being used by authorities of Latvia and other EU countries for scientific and commercial projects evaluation and expertise. Currently three doctoral students are supervised by professor A. Laizāns. He is the author of more than 30 scientific publications, supervised more than 60 bachelor thesis development and more than 30 master of engineering and master of business management thesis preparation. Member of IEEE, member of Latvia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, member of Latvia Association of Electrical energetics and Energy builders.


Senior expert Jānis Paiders
Head of analytical team for  Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation (RIS3), Ministry of Education and Science, Department of Higher Education, Science and Innovations. Jānis Paiders has been working in the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia since 2014, but since 2018, he has taken on the position of Head of Unit for Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) at the Ministry. In the specific field, the Ministry of Education and Science is working hard to successfully drive Latvian higher education institutions and scientific institutions as a basis for strengthening the transformation of Latvia's economy into creating higher value-added products and services. Work has been done with the Ministry of Economics developing the RIS3 monitoring system. Within the Ministry's RIS3 unit, each of the RIS3 areas (as well as the social sciences and humanities providing horizontal contributions) works with industry experts who provide in-depth analysis of ongoing processes in these areas. The analysis is necessary for the planning of Latvian science and innovation policy (incl. for financial instruments of the next period of research and innovation).