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Frequently Asked Questions during Remote Studies

In the context of the state of emergency and remote organisation of the study process in universities, our students have many uncertainties and issues. We’ll publish some of the most popular, so that the information reaches the widest possible audience of our international students.

If you have questions about study process organization during emergency, please send an e-mail via We will try to respond as quickly as possible. If this question affects several students, then we will publish it here and give a public answer.


Do students really need to watch video lectures and streaming lectures in real time because there are slow Internet and other problems in some places?

Each teacher chooses the most convenient technological solution and approach for himself and the students as part of his or her study course. If students have problems with the speed or accessibility of the Internet, a request to contact and inform the teaching staff. The faculty will not request streaming or watching video lectures in real time if students have been disturbed for technical reasons and will try to use a different solution.


What students can do if they don't get to an e-study course or if there's something that's not clear?

Regarding study course content please contact your teacher, but regarding LLU e-study platform “Moodle” contact users service by e-mail


What to do if there are problems with internet in the dormitories?

Please contact the LLU Information Technology and Scientific Equipment Centre:


What are opening hours of LLU Fundamental library in emergency period?

During this period, the library is not open for visitors and reminds about the use of the e-resources offered remotely. See more:


What should students do who are currently in teaching practice?

The conduct of the teaching practices will continue in the way it is established in a particular company. If, as a result of an emergency, the practice in the company cannot take place, then the directors of study programmes will decide on its transfer. In the event of a refusal, the student should ask for a document formally signed from the company on the non-continuation of the practice.


Can students live in dormitories?

The LLU student dormitories are open and students can also live in them during an emergency. Our employees care that all measures of safety are taken, but we also call on students themselves to be responsible and not to organise meetings and events and to respect personal hygiene.


Shall students have to pay tuition fees for emergency period?

Yes. The study process at university continues and nothing has been canceled. Teaching staff work intensively in preparing new study materials and communicating with students. Even if something does not happen temporarily (e.g. practices, tests, laboratory work), it will be decided to move these events to a later date.


Can foreign students leave Latvia and go to home?

On March 17 - Tuesday night, Latvia stopped international passenger transport and closed the country's borders. Border controls on the Lithuanian border and Estonian border of Latvia have been restored. Citizens of other countries may leave Latvia with personal transport, but Latvia's neighbours have closed their borders. Current information:


What should international students do if they scheduled to submit/obtain/renew a temporary residence permit by 14 April?

No solution has been found in Latvia at the moment (17.03.2020.), but once the emergency situation has been lifted, all possible efforts will be made to submit documents. Remote documents can be submitted with an activated, secure electronic signature but students must contact LLU International Cooperation Centre in advance. By 14 April, the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs shall only work after prior recording. In any case, contact Marta Jurģevica:




Submitted on: 17/03/2020