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Key facts about Latvia


Latvia - a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, that is the second greenest country in the world (following Yale and Columbia universities’ research (EPI index)).

Official name
Republic of Latvia


Monetary unit: Euro (1EUR = 100cents). Most of shops, restaurants and hotels accept credit and debit cards. ATMs are common in Latvia and are available 24/7. Banks are open on working days from 9:00 to 17:00.

Living expenses ...
... in Latvia will vary according to your personal requirements and general standarts of living, but in general you need to consider with average monthly costs of 300 - 350EUR, that includes:

  • accommodation: 83 - 135EUR (LLU accommodation)
  • food: 200EUR
  • leisure/other: 30EUR

Latvia is located in the temperate climate zone and therefore has four pronounced seasons. During the Summer the average temperature holds around +20C degrees, but on some days it may rise to +30C degrees.
Be prepared for some chilly days in Winter. During the winter the temperature holds around 0C…-5C degrees, but at the same time can fall down till -20C. Winter boots and winter jacket is a must and will allow you to enjoy this season!

The country code for Latvia is (00371) + number. The best option for making and receiving mobile telephone calls and messages is to buy a pre-paid cards and later just to recharge it.
Emergency call: in case of any accident call 112

Electric supply is dependable: 220 volts AC, 50 Hz; European two pin

Touring (transport) 
In Latvia the speed limit in built-up areas is 50 km/h, outside - 90 km/h. Use of dipped headlights is compulsory day and night.
You can also travel around by using public transport services. More information about the routes and prices you can acquire here.

Postal Service in city Jelgava
The main post office is located at 2b Katolu street. It is open 07.00-19.00 Monday to Friday and 07.00-16.00 on Saturdays. The prices of the stamps on a letter differs according to the destination.

If you expect to receive a letter during your stay at the university, use following address:
Your name
International Cooperation Centre
Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
2 Liela str., Jelgava, LV-3001

Student Card
All international students are supposed to obtain the student card (ISIC). This card is very useful during the stay in Latvia. This student card gives various discounts at theatres, cinemas, etc. The card also gives a discount when a student travels by bus or train within the country and within the towns. ISIC student card is necessary also for getting access to the university library and sport centre. To get this card, the student should fill in an Application form after arrival to Latvia. For more information concerning obtaining the card contact International Cooperation Centre.

Official Latvia portal: