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What you need to know if you want to rent a room in a dormitory

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Student life is unthinkable without living in a student dormitory or student hotel. It is often said that if you have not lived there, then you have not enjoyed the real life of a student. In Jelgava, student hotels are improved every year to make them more comfortable and beautiful for students. Learn how to apply for a room in a student hotel, what the most common myths and benefits are, and what to consider when living in dormitory.

What are the most common myths and benefits of living in the dormitory?

You have heard various stories about life in dormitory - a roommate suddenly has a party in your room, but you have an exam the next day. It also happens that a semi-acquaintance comes to borrow your pot and then brings it back after a week. Or not at all. Clothes from the closet "go away" themselves or appear on the back of a roommate. And stories about administrators, some of whom are called terminators, because they do not allow you to return to the room when you want. Or there are students who take three different "cousins" to the room during the week, who stay overnight. However, life in dormitory also has its own "bonuses" - you can always get ready-made homework from senior students or an extra portion of fried potatoes, get acquainted with students of other faculties, including foreign students. But, as a matter of fact, you will only learn by living in a student hotel, as well as in conversations with friends and acquaintances who have lived in dormitory. In any case, much of what has been heard has become a myth and a half-truth, because student life is shaped by themselves.

How do I apply for life in a student hotel?

The student can indicate the need for a student hotel by concluding a study agreement. The moment a student has chosen a particular student hotel, he or she must contact the manager of a particular hotel and agree on a contract. The contract can be concluded both in person and by using a secure electronic signature by concluding the contract remotely. When concluding a contract for a student hotel, a security deposit must be paid or a payment order must be presented for the payment of the security deposit.

Who can apply for a room in a student hotel?

Every LLU student can apply for a room in a student hotel. Currently, LLU has four student hotels, but at the beginning of the new study year, five student hotels will be available at LLU. International students are offered a student hotel No. 8.

Is it possible to pre-view a room in a student hotel?

The student hotel and its rooms, as well as the common areas can be viewed by contacting the manager of the respective student hotel in advance as well as you can see the pictures of dormitory No. 8 here.

How many people live in one room?

Usually two students live in the same room, and students can choose who to live with. It is also possible to rent a room for one, paying the rent of the other tenant's room accordingly.

How much does a room in a student hotel cost?

The rent for the rooms is from 83 EUR to 135 EUR per month, taking into account the equipment of the requested room.

Do you need to bring your own closets, bed?

The room has equipment that includes a bed, closet and other household furniture and equipment.

Where can I wash laundry?

All student hotels have a specially designed room with washing machines and dryers. Each student can wash their clothes in their student hotel. Laundry is an additional service for a fee.

Can I choose who to live in the room with?

It is possible to choose a roommate. This is most likely to happen if you know an acquaintance you will be studying with. It does not matter whether young people study in one or different faculties, because students are not "divided" by their affiliation with the faculty or study program.

Is it possible to enter the student hotel at night if there is a "delay" in the event?

The front doors of the student hotels are closed from 11.00 pm to 6.00 am. If it is necessary to enter or leave the student hotel between 23.00 and 6.00, the administrator must be notified in advance.

Is internet available in student hotels?

All student hotels have wi fi access, and for students living permanently, internet access is already included in the rent.

More information about the student hotel can be found here.

Create a colorful student life with the opportunity to live in a dormitory!

Submitted on: 29/07/2021