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The new academic year has opened

Image author: No LLU arhīva

On 5th of September, the Matriculation Ceremony was held in the courtyard of Jelgava Castle, in which the 1,227 new students who will start their studies in Jelgava this autumn were solemnly welcomed into the LBTU student family. Each faculty was represented by the freshmen and were greeted by the management of the Latvian University of Biosciences and Technologies - LBTU, teaching staff and guests.

At the opening of the event, LBTU rector Irina Pilvere gave an inspiring speech to those present: "The act of matriculation is the moment when we initiated the first-year students among us. The year 2022 is a new beginning, because each of you will write the history of our university, and you are the first freshman after the name change from LLU to LBTU. The university is a place where you will gain knowledge, meet new friends and like-minded people, but the main job is to gain knowledge. Use this time at the university to accumulate knowledge, enjoy the opportunities provided by extracurricular life, be active - get involved in the work of LBTU Student Self-Government, join the creative group of LBTU artistic collectives, participate in sports life to uphold the honor of the university. As Victor Hugo once said, “Human wisdom holds three keys: one to open the teaching, one to open the letters, and one to open the notes. Knowledge, thought, and fantasy are among them.", therefore I invite freshmen to gain knowledge, think about the application of acquired knowledge in life and dream."

During the solemn ceremony, LBTU Rector Irina Pilvere, Vice-Rector of Studies Aigars Laizāns, LBTU Council Chairperson Laimdota Straujumas, Minister of Agriculture Kaspars Gerhardts, Jelgava City Council Chairman Andris Rāviņš, LBTU Student Leaders Legal Romanian Scholarship winner Anželika Maslovska greeted those present during the solemn ceremony, representative of student corporations and associations Patriks Kikuts, as well as Sandra Eimane, chairman of the board of the "Latvijas Jauno zemnieku klub" association. With the playing of the student anthem "Gaudeamus", the young people only officially matriculated, becoming full-fledged LBTU students.

241 freshmen of Faculty of Economics and Social Development, 91- Faculties of Agriculture, 194 - Faculties of Environment and Construction Sciences, 146 - Technical Faculties, 201 Forestry Faculties, 120 - Faculties of Food Technology, 74 - Faculties of Veterinary Medicine and 160 freshmen of Faculty of Information Technology will join the LBTU in the academic year 2022/2023.

 Continuing the tradition started in 2012 - the creation of the Academic Path, a 30x30 cm cobblestone slab with the number of the year was laid on the footpath in honor of the freshman students. The academic path will serve both as a symbol of challenges and obstacles on the way to higher education, and as a place to meet after years and immerse yourself in memories at reunions.

Submitted on: 05/09/2022