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Open Competition for the International Academic Staff Vacancies within the framework of Project Applications Selection Third Round of Specific Objective 8.2.2 "To Strengthen Academic Staff of Higher Education Institutions in the Areas of Strategic Specialization"

Study courses for doctoral students (study courses "Research Methodology", "Biostatistics")

Project goal – to strengthen doctoral training program by increasing the number of doctoral degree holders and their employment in academic and scientific work at LLU in the areas of strategic specialization, quality of doctoral studies and improved existing and new doctoral courses will be promoted, by involvement of foreign academic staff.

Project time period - from April 1, 2021 to November 30, 2023

Deadline for application – August 16, 2021

Duration of employment – 5 months

Requirements and criteria for the beneficiaries:

  1. A person who has been holding an academic position at an accredited foreign higher education institution in the EU during the previous five years
  2. A person who has academic work experience with doctoral students.
  3. Doctoral degree (PhD) or comparable degree to PhD.
  4. Research working experience proved by latest international peer-reviewed scientific publications (at least 10), including Hi-index (at least 5).
  5. Fluent English (at least level C1, according to the Europass CV self-assessment scale).
  6. Very good digital literacy (according to the Europass CV self-assessment scale) and knowledge of new technologies in the learning process.
  7. Experience in international and/or national research projects including latest research funding and sources.
  8. Previous experience in developing study materials and improving study content, in preparing publications and knowledge of web-based study environments.
  9. Participation with presentations/reports in at least 3 international conferences in the last 5 years.

The following documents are required for ESF funding:

  1. The application for ESF funding (appendix 1).
  2. CV (in the Europass form; including  experience of scientific work and list of publications)
  3. Copy of the doctoral diploma.
  4. Statement of higher education of the European Union (except Latvia) regarding employment in an academic position over the last five years.
  5. Other documents according to the opinion of applicant.

Specific conditions:

  1. The Committee for the evaluation of compatibility of knowledge, experience, and competence of foreign academic staff to the chosen academic position will be set up.
  2. The eligible candidates will be selected based on the quality of their scientific and academic merits.
  3. The analysis and evaluation for the submitted documents will be done and, if necessary, interviews will be carried out.
  4. The volume of academic workload, length of contract, remuneration, lecture time schedule is being agreed with the most appropriate applicant.
  5. The contract will be signed for 5 months.

Documents must be submitted with reference "Selection of foreign academic staff" by August 16, 2021 via e-mail:

Based on the General Data Protection Regulation, the personal data provided in your application documents will be processed for the purpose of the selection process. The controller of personal data processing indicated in the application documents is the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, address: Lielā iela 2, Jelgava.